“First Sunday”

January 2, 2021. The first Sunday of 2022. 8:30 pm. Got behind my time this weekend so I didn’t get to do much of what I WANTED. No guitar practice today. No bass practice today. No riding today.

However, I did get to do much of what I NEEDED. Fixed a faulty light switch. Cleaned a car. Bought some “Thank You” gifts for deserving friends. Handled some personal business. But….

You know, people change over time. We the same fundamentally, but our wants, needs, priorities, fulfillment amd desires evolve over time. For me that means I HAVE to some private time on Sunday afternoon/evening to do EXACTLY what I want to do.

The year is early yet. Fifty one Sundays to go……

“Not On The List”

You ever tell somebody something and they don’t listen to you? Ever have someone tell you something that YOU don’t listen to?

I’m not much of a “do it yourself’er”. However I do like having proper tools for the job when the need arises. Even though I own plenty wrenches, hammers, sockets and rachets, I’ve never owned a tool box, not a real one anyway. Unless you count makeshift cardboard boxes, assorted drawers and cabinets or random shelves as tool “boxes”.

So, after YEARS of my family insisting that I locate and centralize my tools, after repeatedly being scolded and laughed for spending hours searching the entire house for one wrench or screwdriver, they bought me a new tool set for Christmas even though I never had it on my “list”. I didn’t listen when they told me to gather my tools and keep them in one place…..

So I have to apologize and thank my family. This multi-piece kit will have me covered. And there is an added benefit. Now, not only will these tools come in handy when working on my motorcycle, when they buy my Koenigsegg Jesko I’ll have everything I need to work on it……..

Guess I’ll ask for a toolbox for my “old” tools. “359 Days Of Christmas……”

“Time Flies…….”

When you need more time….

When you need more……

When you need……..

When you…..

Time flies when you hear that voice…..

When you feel that touch….

When you feel so much…..

Time flies when you taste that kiss…..

When you’re far apart…..

When you feel that heart….

Time flies when you need tonight…

When your dream is a sound….

And it’s always around………

“363 Days Of Christmas”

So another Christmas past. Truly hope that everyone enjoyed Christmas with their respective families. Hopefully there was more love and togetherness given this year. Appreciate all you were given, but appreciate your ability to give and to share even more. Grateful for seeing many of my family members this year. Gonna finish off Christmas and start the New Year off right: by practicing my guitar. I’d like to be competent enough to justify owning one of the these pictured. 363 days to work on it.