Age old question: what is more valuable, money or time? Highly subjective, but it is really a matter of perspective. If one has more time, money is more valuable. If one has more money, time is more valuable. Again, perspective. Personally, time is more valuable. Time is fixed in space. What happens at an exact moment in time cannot be changed. A second chance should be referred to as another chance, each event finite in it’s place of occurrence.

The point?  Your time is your most important commodity so please don’t underestimate it’s value.  Every minute that you exist is a minute to Live, not just to be Alive.  Plan and prepare your days, weeks, months and years.  Be mindful of the choices you make.  Remind yourself EVERY minute to move toward the place you want to be.  Ask yourself this question daily: am I better today than I was yesterday?  Ask yourself this question as well: what do I need to accomplish TOMORROW, NEXT WEEK, NEXT MONTH, NEXT YEAR!?! 

I regret not being more responsible with my time as a young adult.  While I made mostly good choices and was pretty practical in most decisions, I sometimes LET things happen instead of MAKING things happen, costing me time that I will never get back. 

Which brings us to the picture of the beautiful and lovely 2020 Corvette above.  In all of my life I have never been a “car enthusiast”.   I’m a motorcycle guy.  However, the McLaren 600LT and Bentley Coupe are rides that I REALLY  admire.  Anyway, the new Corvette makes me realize how much time I’ve wasted ignoring the previous Corvette models.  So, to make up for past regrets and lost time, I’m gonna spend MORE TIME making MORE MONEY to buy THIS car.

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