“Donald Trump: Conservative America’s (and Fox News’) Golden Calf”

Circa 2016

Candidate Trump: Who’s gonna pay for the wall?

Some of Trump’s Supporters: MEXICOOOOOO!!!!! Laughter…….

That lie was “perfect”. The response from the supporters was revealing and sad. The truth, as many of us always knew and suspected, has proven to be tragically “priceless”. Remember this word priceless. Why would the Mexican government care so much about America that it would finance a wall to protect America’s borders? WHY? Who would believe such an outlandish figment of someone’s imagination? And yet, during Donald Trump’s campaign for the primary election, many fellow American citizens did just that. They reveled in the euphoria of his fiction-based politics. They comforted themselves in his immaturity, in his phony patriotic bravado and his claims to be “one of them”. In fact, he would be “none of them”. Actions speak a thousand times louder than words. And so, as Trump’s ACTIONS have shown, he’d more likely choose to be a shrewd Russian oligarch, or a privileged Saudi oil magnate, OR to develop resort properties in NORTH KOREA than to be a real member of his hard-working red-blooded American base. Remember, actions not words.

And so. Here we are in the middle of the Corona pandemic. Three and half years into Chump’s, I mean Trump’s,……….. presidency. See the following statement he made during one of his cringe-worthy press conferences regarding the possible Corona Virus death toll.

President Trump: “If we only lose 100,000 to 200,000 people that’s pretty good.”

Trump Administration: In unison, “Let them die! Let them die! Let them die!

Full disclosure: I am not a historian. Nor am I a theologian. I do, however, believe in the doctrine that states that “those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it”. Which brings us to the current day. The fact that the Corona Virus arrived in America during Lent Season has me wondering what we should learn from the impending aftermath. Which brings me to the Book of Exodus, the story of Moses and, in particular, the Golden Calf. I dare not rewrite any story from the Bible, but I sincerely encourage you to read Exodus, especially during this time.

As the story goes, the Israelites, after being led out of bondage in Egypt by Moses, grew impatient as he went up to Mount Sinai to talk to God. He was there for forty days and forty nights and in his absence the followers, who were tired of waiting, started to doubt Moses’ return and God’s promise. So they decided to create a Golden Calf out of their jewelry and worship it as their God. Hence the comparison. Many Conservative Americans have become impatient and intolerant to the way the world is changing. People are more interconnected as a global society and are much more likely to encounter different customs, lifestyles, religions, races, genders and ethnicities other than our own. This inevitable evolution has revealed an impatience as people want the world to fit their own comfortable ways of living, and an intolerance for ideals that don’t align with their thinking. Along comes Donald Trump. Shiny. New. Loud. Brash. Shallow. Materialistic. Wealthy. Immature. Simple. Successful. The alter-ego that many of us ascribe to. DON’T LIE. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE. “Drain the swamp”. “Tough on illegal immigration”. Yeah, right. With every one of his insults you loved him more. With every one of his lies you believed him more. With every one of his crimes you supported him more. You turned away and refused to accept who he really was. And why? Because he is rich, shiny and new. He is your idol. He is your God, but he’s not so good as President. Actions not words folks. And many of you want to be just like him, no matter the cost to you or your fellow Americans. Priceless………I told you to remember this word.

Donald Trump had no intention of “making America Geat” for YOU. He wants America to be great for HIM. And HIS family. AND HIS BUSINESSES. At YOUR expense nonetheless! I’m thinking that many of us have reached a level of weary numbness due to all of the fake “fake news” that Trump dislikes so much. By the way, anyone notice how everything good in the world is Trump’s doing but everything bad is caused by someone else. That’s Real News………….

Don’t grow weary. Don’t be disheartened. Trump said that Easter was a special time for he and his family. I hope so. I hope it is because it’s Holy Season, a time for reflection, Resurrection and prayer. A time for hope and healing for ALL AMERICANS. Saving American lives: priceless. Not commerce, capital or Mar a Lago……… It is time to truly LEAD his team. There is so much more I have to say, but I digress. I’ll leave with this.

Mr. Trump, because I know how much you like television and grandstanding I want to grade your performance thus far. For not adequately preparing your administration to guide and support ALL of the people of your nation, for coveting other men’s wives, for committing adultery, for cheating hard-working Americans out of their money while pretending to be on their side, for the name-calling and behaving in a manner I would expect from a middle-schooler, YOU’RE FIRED! You like that?

Also, because I know you like to give out pet names to your fellow Americans, I have one that I hope I don’t have to give you. So as we work our way through COVID-19, please prove to us that you are in fact Donald Trump instead of Donald “Chump”. I hope that you become more than an “Apprentice” President. Unless you like being Fox News’ “Golden Calf”.

April 2020. Now I ask, Who’s gonna pay for the wall…………….……..?

We really need a President sir. God Bless America. You’re welcomed.

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