June 27th 2020. Saturday. Do you know where your Friday night went? Hope you enjoyed it. I listened to some music, did a little writing, relaxed. Ate at home. Got up at 7 this morning. Cut my grass at 8. My neighbors were soooo “happy”. Sorry, I like to be done by 10. You know the saying, “Do what you HAVE to do first and then do what you WANT to do”. Now I have the rest of the day to do what I WANT to do, like CREATING some music. And maybe get some bass practice in. Trying to remain focused in these times. That being said, I have a question for you. How many days during the week are you able to do exactly what you want to do? No compromises. No questions. No concerns. How many? I’ve thought about this recently and wanted to share my thoughts.

I have two kids aged 21 and 19. For the past 20 years I’ve done my best to put my family first. My wife and I worked to provide as many opportunities as we could for them. Hopefully we are giving them a pretty good foundation to start from. As a father I NEVER wanted my kids to miss out due to my over indulgence. So I always put them first. Food, clothing, leisure time. I compromised a lot and denied myself plenty along the way. And I’m good with it. No regrets on that! However, as my sons have gotten to a level of independence that does not require the same level of “parental guidance”, it has been an eye-opening experience as we try adjust to some new found freedoms. It has taken awhile to realize that my schedule does not revolve around their daily activities. They drive so I don’t have to chauffeur them around. They work so I get to keep SOME of my money….! We all have different tastes so I don’t have to share every meal (my sons AND my wife still like me to cook, though). Our schedules allow me to have the house to myself a little more, but somehow I still have to share my “studio” with the fellas and EVERY other room with my wife……(?) Point is, I have days where I wake up and am fortunate enough to do whatever I want to do at that moment.

This is very new to me. My wife often reminds me that I can “do something for myself sometimes”. She encourages me to buy for myself, or take time for myself. This is good. It is quite a refreshing feeling to know that, while still a dad, I am not tethered to every move my family makes. For those of you who have already been in this place in your life, good for you. If you are still working to get to this place, you’ll get there. For now, it is Saturday and everybody is entitled to do something they want on this day. Make the most of it because as you know we are already half way through the weekend! And be ready for church tomorrow………….

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