“Another Weekend”

Sunday. June 28th 2020. Weekends man, they sure don’t last long. Sunday afternoons are my time to enjoy “leisure time”. After “assisting” with Sunday dinner I like to kick back, maybe watch some football, Formula 1 Racing (get that title Lewis!) and practice bass before I begrudgingly prepare for the week. It’s also a time for wishful thinking and reflection. It’s Summer. Summer is for outdoors. Summer is for open air. Summer for me also means motorcycles. Aaaaah motorcycles. Love these things. Among the most beautiful creations of mankind. Just something about that rear tire connected via chain to that engine producing all that power. Yes sir baby! So, in the wishful thinking category I present you my once and future dilemma: Who’d you rather? Honda CBR650F or Suzuki GSX S750? I say both.

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