“Simple Things in Life”

I have always liked green grass. I have long appreciated well-manicured lawns. In junior high I sometimes missed the bus to school. I had to walk two miles to get to school on those unfortunate days. You ever have to WALK to a place that you really didn’t want to go to? Glad that’s over. However, on those lonely walks, I took comfort in knowing that I’d get to walk past one of the best looking lawns in town. In the community where I lived most of us had rather small front yards with a tiny patch of grass. (My grandmother managed to grow a pretty good garden in there. RIP Ms. Mommie) Some had back yards that were maybe 12′ x 12′. I quietly envied kids who grew up with their own yards to play in……

In 1997 my wife and I had the pleasure of buying our first home. It was a townhouse. Quaint, cozy and comfortable but it too had a smallish yard, maybe a quarter of an acre. Loved that house and grateful for the opportunity of homeownership.

Fast forward to 2010. On a spring afternoon on my way home from work I noticed my wife taking her afternoon jog. She hurriedly stops me and tells me that a coveted home nearby is for sale. That summer we became the lucky owners of said home. Bigger home, bigger bills, bigger yard AND bigger responsibilities. For the first two years I dreaded cutting the grass, cleaning the leaves and shoveling the snow. Then, one spring day in 2012, fate somehow lead me back to that house of my childhood with the nice yard. But now, the yard wasn’t as well maintained. In fact, the house was empty, seemingly abandoned, windows boarded and the yard overrun with tall brush. Even though some twenty five years or so had passed I felt disappointed that that house ended up in that condition. It was like seeing a childhood friend who had faced tough times.

Upon returning to my house, I stood and looked at this view in the picture. I kept my yard neat and my grass green, but I had a new sense of appreciation for the effort it took. I was reminded of how much I wanted a lawn of my own and now I had one. Having something that you want usually takes more than WANTING it. It takes time, effort, money and WORK! So now, each time I return to my house, I sit in my car and take a second to look at the green grass. I thank God for the opportunity that he has afforded my family. I reminisce about my childhood and feel appreciation for the friends and family that helped me along the way. I appreciate my green grass. I really do. Brings a smile to my heart everyday. And not even the five bee stings I got on Sunday while cleaning the back yard will change that……

Green grass. A simple thing that I appreciate. You know, a new riding lawnmower and a new snow blower would make me appreciate it even more…….

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