“Have You Found Your Greatness?”

AAAAAAAAAAAAH!  YEEAAAAAA!  I had to do that.   It’s the weekend man! Glad it’s Friday!  Today was a strange day for me.  Not particularly challenging or busy, but for some reason I couldn’t stay focused.  Really had to concentrate to get things done.  My mind wandered all day. ALL DAY.  Now that I am home I’m gonna make the most of this weekend, starting tonight! Ain’t wasting ONE minute of it.

Once I get settled I’m gonna turn on my computer and sign in to class, plug in my bass and amp, charge my phone and separate my clothes to wash. Then I’m gonna fall asleep! I’ll see how much GOT DONE once I wake up! In the meantime I have a question: have you found your personal “greatness”? Have you identified it? Have you achieved it? Let’s talk about it. See you when I wake up.

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