“Melania Trump, Your Speech was FAKE NEWS!

With all due respect Mrs. Melania Trump, please do not insult our intelligence. Please do not try to convince us that Donald Chump has compassion for anyone but himself or HIS family. Your speech was, in the words of your husband, FAKE NEWS! None of the WORDS you used to describe your husband reflect his ACTIONS over the last four years. You say he cares about Corona virus victims? How many times has HE said that? You say he wants to bring people together? What has HE done to prove that? He cares about our country you say? Why does he marginalize our federal law enforcement (CIA, FBI, DOD, Ambassadors, Military)? Why does he LIE about democratic politicians and those who oppose him? Why does he name-call and belittle people? Why is he so disingenuous? BECAUSE THAT IS WHO HE TRULY IS. ONE 20 MINUTE SPEECH CANNOT HIDE 70 YEARS OF TRUTH. The real Donald Chump revealed himself even more so during the past four years. Now you have to accept it just like the rest of us! And by the way, if you want to stop the rioting and shooting, either you or your husband should tell the good cops to keep the bad ones from killing and shooting! REAL NEWS! We’ll be waiting……

P.S. Eric Chump, if you don’t support freedom of speech for ALL AMERICANS, LEAVE our White House and LEAVE OUR COUNTRY!

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