Years.  Man, how they seem to evaporate into thin air.  On a nice fall day recently, I convinced myself to take a much needed walk in the middle of the day during the middle of the week. This is a rarity for me. I didn’t do it for “physical fitness” mind you, but for “mental health” purposes, in other words, to “clear my head”.  Man it worked!

During a point in my walk, I laughed to myself about a piece of advice given to me by a former manager. 

Some years ago during  Thanksgiving, I decided to play in yet another “Turkey Bowl” football game.  For the uninitiated, this is a game consisting of family and friends who may be “a little” past their prime getting together for some “friendly two-hand touch” football.  Haha…ok.  Well, during this particular game I was on defense playing cornerback.  I jumped to deflect a pass and fell right down on my ass! (Yea I can flow……lol!)  Never knew a bruised tail bone could be so painful.  My last Turkey Bowl ever…..

I was 35 years old.  The Friday after that Thanksgiving I had to call out of work.  For real.  When I made it back to work I was still tired from the game.  My General Manager walked over to me and said, “Man you are dragging ass today.  You OK?”  I replied, “You know, I never felt my ass moving around until I turned 35.  I actually feel my ass moving around in my pants and dragging as I walk.”  The Manager laughed HIS ass off!  We both did.  Later that day he came over to check on me.  He asked, “Randy you say you’re 35?”  “Yes I am”, I respond.  Then he asked, “Do you know that 35 is the most important age in a man’s life?”  And I did not.  “Why”, I ask.  He says, “35 splits the difference between 20 and 50.  See how fast the last 15 years went? Thats how fast you get to 50.  Maybe faster.  So use your time wisely ‘young’ man”

I had never been told that before.  You can believe it left an indelible mark in my mind.  Those years did in fact go by faster.  Which got me to thinking.  Too bad and unfortunately the Corona Virus is still all too prominent in our country.  Otherwise, I would consider playing in a “Turkey Bowl” game this year while I still have some years left.  Who wit’ me?  Come on man……Have a safe Thanksgiving everybody!

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