“The Best of You”

It’s difficult to be your best at all times and even more so when faced with adversity. In light of the current Corona pandemic it seems as if the entire world is being challenged more than ever. And yes, it has been burdensome on many levels, but let us be cautious and take a broader look at how it has affected us.

Many have lost something because of COVID 19. Whether it be a home, a paycheck, a savings account, a job, a car, a semester, a material possession or worst yet, a loved one. This is a painful reality not easily overcome. And so what I am about to say I do not take lightly, but I do think important as we another season of uncertainty.

Do not let COVID 19 get the “best of you.” Try to be “the best of you” as often as you can. The three things that we must not let waver during this time are our humanity, our decency and our spirituality. Please respect one another as we all are dealing with similar circumstances. Please respect yourself by reinforcing your values and maintaining your character. Finally, seek a stronger sense of spiritually to help support the whole you. We are gonna make it through this. History proves that we always do.

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