“16 Days of Christmas”

Gettin’ closer as the countdown continues.  I like football.  I like winning.  I like the Dallas Cowboys.  They are not winning.  What is a fan to do?  Guess I need a new team for Christmas…..

I received this coat as a gift after the Cowboys won the 1993 Super Bowl.  It is the only article of clothing I own that has the Dallas Cowboys name on it. I wear it only after they win Super Bowls. Been twenty five years since I last wore it. I have no other Cowboys paraphernalia.

I have owned this coat for more than 30 years.  Been a fan of the Cowboys for more than 40. I shouldn’t need to root for another team. Obviously I am not a fair weather fan. Twenty five years of mediocrity, though, can mess with a fan’s mind, you know? So….

I need a new team. No, no. I still want the pretty helmets with the stars on ’em. Still want the best uniforms in all of sports. Just want a few players who are mentally tough and play with determination. I want coaches who know how to compete, adjust and win. Mainly though, I want my “new team” to have a new owner, Team President and General Manager not named Jerry Jones. Anybody got two billion dollars to spare? ‘Tis the Season…

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