“Something New”

January 1st 2021.  2021! I’ve lived long enough to say that at one point in my life the year 2021 seemed far off into the distant “future”.  Well, to the people of my generation, like it or not, the future is now.  We are either living in it or trying to catch up to it. 

Computers have been around since the 1940s, cell phones since the 70s and GPS since the 80s. Militaries have utilized satellite communications for decades. And in this age of hybrid and electric cars history will show that some manufacturers had designed and built prototypes some fifty years ago.  (Oil industry “lobbyists” and other “special interest” types didn’t see the “value” of electric vehicles…..wink, wink)

The future is now.  My FATHER asked me if we could have a Duo phone “call”.  Most members of my family have held several Zoom webinars.  Teleworking is quickly becoming the norm. Long anticipated practical electric/hybrid cars now share the road with self-driving cars!

My point?  Our current “future” provides a whole new world of new technologies. Cell phones have been the gateway for my own interest in modern IT.  Funny story: myself and my father-in-law opposed giving cell phones to my elementary school aged children some ten years ago. My father-in-law had reservations about the cost and access that the older grandkids had. He got his first cell phone shortly thereaftrr and ran up a bigger bill than the grandkids! Now he is hooked. 

I do not own wireless earbuds.  I do not own Alexa.  Have never “asked Google” for anything. My car is not Bluetooth capable (don’t judge…). My sons’ and wife have cars that are Bluetooth capable but when I drive them I never use it. I saw MIDI keyboards used as a one-man band in 1983. Used MIDI throughout my playing days.  Used digital audio software for the first time in 1998. However, I did not use a digital audio workstation to send an original MP3 file until last year. I know, I know.  I’m gonna be better moving forward.

2021. Something new. I want to fully explore and embrace modern technology.  I want to “see” state of the art in its current form.  Phones, music, computers, Bluetooth, IT, motorcycles, cars, appliances. What is the latest, greatest technology offered in these products? I want to learn. 

I may never speak to Alexa, but I may query Google every now and then.  Wireless buds are in the plans too.  I may never keep my phone in hand 24/7, but I will utilize Bluetooth more. Even in the car…..It would be nice to have another smart TV.  And the latest version of Presonus’ Studio One too. 

But seriously, 2021 is my “Year of Technology” and I am really looking forward to it. Here’s to the future.

P.S. “Nineteen Eighty-Four” by George Orwell is a good reference to the current “State of the Future”.

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