“Inauguration 2021”

2021. January 19. The day that just happens to separate MLK Day and the Inauguration Day by a mere twenty-four hours, or one innocuous small square on a calendar. But in this particular year these two days feel like they are a half century apart, divided in time by an America that somehow finds itself adjoined by the best of it’s promising future and the worst of it’s darkest past.

Martin Luther King and Donald Chump should NEVER share the same space, never share the same sentence and NEVER be referenced together for any reason. THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN COMMON. Advantage MLK. Except one thing: America. Yes it is true. The same America which provides the rich, nurturing and spiritual soil to produce great people such as Martin Luther King and Clara Barton also contains the the contaminated air and dirty “swamp” sewage to allow people such as Donald Chump and Frank McCord, Richard Reed, John Lester, John Kennedy, J. Calvin Jones and James Crowe to gestate, fester, multiply and infect some of the nations’ citizens. Know the history!

So here we are fellow Americans. 2021. Living in the most technologically advanced era in history. Whole world of FACTUAL information at our fingertips. Still one of the wealthiest nations with citizens enjoying more relative wealth than eighty percent of the rest of the world. And yet, somehow, some way, Donald Chump has far too many of YOU living and thinking like its 1870 or 1915 or 1930 or 1950. Come on folks…….

National Guard at the US Capitol? Federal troops at State Capitol buildings? DEFENDING AGAINST OUR OWN CITIZENS? 2021 or 1951? IN AMERICA? Sadly it is true. Who’s more (ir)responsible for this? Muslims, Arabs, Jews, Blacks, LGBTQ? Or Donald Chump? 74 million of you don’t want to accept it, but you know it’s true! Just like Chump though, you’ll lie, hide and deny the truth. Won’t accept responsibility. Display childishness, selfishness and petulance. AND THEN BLAME SOMEONE ELSE! Just like Chump you’re way too easy. Lol!

I know America is better than this. And so too do most of us. I hope that the spirit and intent of MLK Day merges with the purpose and mission of Inauguration Day so that we all can once again be proud of the America that awaits once all of her citizens live up to her name: UNITED STATES OF…..


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