“The New Lawnmower”

An unexpected choice…..

Well, I finally got my new mower.  After weeks of studying and searching, narrowing down the brand, style, model, price and retailer, I bought the exact opposite of what I planned to buy.

I like gasoline powered equipment.  Leaf blower, trimmer, lawn mower.  All gasoline.  Why?  Simple: more power and unrestricted run times.  So I had every intention of buying a gas powered unit.  A self-propelled walk behind Honda  HRX217.  There.  It was done. Or so I thought……

A few days before picking up that mower I started researching battery-powered units just for curiosity’s sake.  Interesting….I discovered that electric mowers have improved significantly.  More features, more powerful, longer run times and better durability.  Huh.  Okay. I began to wonder: could I finish my entire lawn with battery power?  Would I prefer the convenience of electric?  I was surprised by my newfound interest.

Three trips to the store and three times I return home empty handed. Could not decide. I had to make a choice. So I did. Notorius for settling for lesser models to save money, I broke from conventional thinking. I chose the the latest greatest Ryobi 40V HP mower. Glad I did.

Cuts great. Did the whole lawn on a single charge with time to spare. Twenty pounds lighter than the Honda. Self propelled. Quiet. No gas, oil, spark plugs, air filters, tune ups or fumes. The only negative about this mower? It makes me WANT to cut the grass!

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