Almost Perfect…..

You ever have a day that you weren’t looking forward to but it turns out almost perfect?  Today, May 10, 2021 was one of those days for me. 

Very busy with a lot to learn at work so I anticipated a non-stop hectic Monday.  Could not have been more wrong.  Peaceful, quiet, steady day that went by rather quickly.

Forgot to stop for gas over the weekend so I reluctantly did so after work.  Prices are high, but there was no one ahead of me…..

I pulled into my driveway and noticed that I also forgot to cut my grass over the weekend.  I didn’t even go into the house. Left my bags in the car, went straight to the garage, grabbed the lawn mower, popped in my wireless buds,  Sirius radio and got to work. 

Checked the time when I finished.  5:20pm.

Fresh lawn on Monday.  Picture perfect afternoon. One day closer to Friday.  What more could you ask for? 

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