“My Motivation is Personal”


My motivation is now personal, infinite, for my sanity

Burning, raging, passionate, all for my family.

My motivation is you, when seeing me you close the door.

My motivation is me, seeing you like I never have before.

Anger, painful, vengeful, yeah I can go there.

My motivation is simple, what’s fair is fair.

My motivation is the earth, the oceans and the trees.

Watching a life die, weapon of a choice: a knee.

My motivation is the Universe, the stars, the sun.

Saying you grabbed a taser, knowing it was a gun.

My motivation is winning, losing, the challenge.

Restless, irritable, irrational, and maybe out of balance.

Helpless, hopeless, limited, praying that I’m wrong.

My motivation is motion, happening, strong.

The heart, the energy, the power the rage.

I finished all of your chapters, you still on my first page.

Hedonistic, confident, extravagant, decadent.

My motivation is necessary, while yours is barely relevant.

You are full of weakness, cowardice, emptiness, you know I’m right.

My motivation is my revenge, your sorry ass started this fight.

My motivation is breathing, and living, and life.

With sounds, with music, with fellowship and the Light.

My motivation is God, Spirit and me.

My motivation is personal, ’cause you messed with my family.

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