“Riding To Exhale”

Sights. Sounds. Air. Water. Those of you ride motorcycles will completely understand the following statement: riding connects you to your environment like no car ever could. The breeze slipping past your body, the sounds immediately awakening you to everything around you, the smell of the air and, if you’re lucky, the aroma of freshly prepared food from nearby restaurants. Riding makes you realize that you’re “alive”. And breathing……

Breathing. On those perfect days, on those perfect rides, you find a place that reminds you to breath. You take in the view, gaze off into the distance, take a deep breath, and then…….exhale. Repeat repeatedly as necessary. And then, find another place to do it all over again.

Life sometimes makes you hold your breath without even realizing it. For me, riding not only lets me breath. It reminds me to exhale.

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