“Another Weekend”

Alright. Another weekend coming to a close. Another week closer to the end of summer. Boy time flies when your having fun. Actually, time flies all of the time at my age…..

Had the pleasure of celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday today. Always good for family to get together. Great time hanging with the in-laws. Last month I hung out with my family in the same manner. First time since 2019 that we had a chance to see both of our respective families. Blessed.

Making it even better was getting to see three family members riding their bikes. All Harleys. All good brothers. I missed the ride because I had to transport too much to the party. Just as happy to see those fellas enjoy a perfect day for a ride.

Well, almost past my bedtime. Monday morning is waiting. 5:30am will be calling. But another weekend is coming…..

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