“Stories I Have To Tell”

August 31st 2021.  Just a few weeks away from fall.  Football is  back in action.  And that “summer is over” feeling is starting to creep in.  Remember when you “had” to go to school…….

Fall is an interesting season for me.  I love all of the seasons for their own specific reasons.  Winter for the calm.  Spring for the renewal.  Summer for the life. And Fall? Fall for reflection.  And football. 

When the Fall season comes around I tend to watch more movies, read more “books”, listen to more music and try to write more.  Some years I’m more focused and productive, some years not so much.

Well, here I am again.  Fall season around the corner.  My brain simmering with thoughts and ideas.  My ambition and ego promising to create musical and literary masterpieces.  My heart racing to keep up with my mind.  My hands and thumbs ready at a moments notice.  All set. And then……

“Why would anybody be interested in my stories?”  “Do my stories have any extraordinary content or merit?” No.  “Do they have any ordinary appeal or value?” Don’t know.  That’s the prevailing thought that goes through my mind as I prepare to be creative.  Another thing.  These stories have meaning to me and I don’t know if I can convey their true value through my limited vocabulary and writing experience.  But these stories deserve to be told.  I’ve attempted to tell these stories many times, finishing a few paragraphs and then not finishing at all.  Here we go.  I’ll try.  Again.

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