“Gray Eyelashes”

Not terribly photogenic. Not as keen as once before. I wish they could talk so they could tell me what I’ve forgotten. I yearn to remember just half of what they’ve seen. Nowadays with the help of eyeglasses, the future is clearer than the past for these gray eyelashes.

Once hidden by vanity among their brothers, the gray eyelashes now stand out among the others. I wonder if they remember all of the wonderful things the eyes and memory no longer can recall.

The gray eyelashes were somewhat of a surprise, mistaken for lent or cotton. The eyes were rubbed but the appearance remained the same. For confirmation the eyes sought the help of a pair of glasses. It was in fact confirmed: these were gray eyelashes.

This shade of gray was all too familiar. It was previously discovered elsewhere. Arms, legs, dare I mention other place? I would not dare. This shade of gray was also in places where now there is no hair….All is fair.

The past propels us to the future. We become wiser in perspective as much time passes. Make the most of your new memories. And share them with your gray eyelashes.

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