“Never Miss A Sunny Day”

Regrets. We humans don’t like to admit to having them. Hopefully you don’t have many, especially ones that you cannot atone for. Me, a have a few….

Lucky enough to see another Fall sunset as I walked along the community trail. As I walked I began to wonder how many sunny days I watched through a window, having never been outside on that particular day. Knowing that it would be impossible to calculate even a reasonably fair guesstimate, I still recalled enough instances that made me regret not enjoying more time outdoors.

From my earliest days I can recall some Saturdays where I spent the entire day inside doing homework and watching college football. Likewise, I remember some summer days where I’d stay indoors until late in the afternoon to avoid the heat and humidity. My grandmother would say, “You need to go outside and let the sunlight into you eyeballs….”.

As a young adult I taught myself how to read music and play electric bass. Many a day after work, after school, weekends, holidays, I spent the entire day inside practicing. Rain, shine, day, night, hot, cold. Not one minute of enjoying all the nature that outdoors has to offer.

As an older adult there were days where I was too busy or too tired to find time to get out of the house. Always something to do, never enough time…..but time makes funny things happen to you as you become an older adult.

Time makes you think about time. Time makes you learn about time. Times makes you respect and appreciate time. One thing I’ve learned: the less time you have the more time you need. Spend it wisely.

Can’t go back in time to retrieve those lost days so I make the most of the current ones. I spend some leisure time outside no matter where I am. Rain, shine, day, night, hot or cold.

And I have no regrets about it.

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