“Empty Closet”

Hello all. Been a minute since I’ve posted. The Holiday Season is upon us so let me say I hope all is well with you and your respective families and Season’s Greetings to all.

On that note, I cannot ignore the fact that the Holiday Season is oftentimes mentally and emotionally challenging for many of us. We become overwhelmed with expectations of being happy, thankful and giving at a time when many are faced with financial burdens, emotional stress, uncertainty and loneliness.

This reality hit home for me this year. I love the Holidays. Love sharing with my family and friends. Love seeing my family and friends. But this year I had the unfortunate experience of losing a loved one on Thanksgiving. Of all of the days. My youngest sibling, my baby brother, passed away at the onset of the Holidays. My other younger brother held him in his arms as my mother watched on.

One of the reasons why I hadn’t posted in awhile was because I carried the emotional burden of my brother’s deteriorating health and my mother’s unwavering care for him. After his passing my other brother helped to manage his affairs. We were tasked with finding a purpose for his belongings.

An empty closet can hold a lot of meaning. For some it can represent a new beginning. For others it could be another location. For someone else it may show a need or want for something new.

For me one empty closet that I know will forever be a reminder of what brotherhood can and should be. And, despite the empty spot my heart now holds for him, it will also remind me of the grateful opportunity I have to be a “big brother”.

R.I.P. “Hoogis”

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