“25 Days Of Christmas 2021”

Ahh. December. The Holidays. I do enjoy this time of year even with all of the commercialism and stress that comes with it. For me the good outweighs the bad.

One, I get to connect with more friends and family. Two, I like meeting new people who are mostly cheerful and courteous. And three, I like to reminisce about Christmas past and share stories about my ancestors who made the Holidays such a beautiful time for my childhood.

Speaking of childhood, I can say that I am many years past those days in my life. With that being said, time is a precious commodity nowadays. Got a late start on my 2021 “25 Days of Christmas” wish list so I’ll triple up on the gift ideas to make up for time.

And guess what? TIME is what I want for Day 25. Anybody know how to stop time from moving? Willing to exchange gifts with you……..

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