“14 Days Of Christmas”

I live a simple, working – class lifestyle. Having a garage bigger than my house makes no practical sense at all. However, I now have a household that includes four cars and two motorcycles. Who knew? My house has a two-car garage. Believe me I’m grateful for this garage. I never imagined I’d have my own garage when I was a youngster growing up.

That being said, my garage now houses things that should be in the house. My wife’s car is the only one in the garage. Myself and my sons park in the driveway. It would be nice to have room to sit in the garage and imagine the space being occupied by all of my Christmas wishes.

Speaking of Christmas wishes, for Day 14 I want this 5 car garage. One for everybody’s car and one for the motorcycles. And, if the matching house happens to be attached to it I would consider it a bonus. Thank you Santa!

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