“Not On The List”

You ever tell somebody something and they don’t listen to you? Ever have someone tell you something that YOU don’t listen to?

I’m not much of a “do it yourself’er”. However I do like having proper tools for the job when the need arises. Even though I own plenty wrenches, hammers, sockets and rachets, I’ve never owned a tool box, not a real one anyway. Unless you count makeshift cardboard boxes, assorted drawers and cabinets or random shelves as tool “boxes”.

So, after YEARS of my family insisting that I locate and centralize my tools, after repeatedly being scolded and laughed for spending hours searching the entire house for one wrench or screwdriver, they bought me a new tool set for Christmas even though I never had it on my “list”. I didn’t listen when they told me to gather my tools and keep them in one place…..

So I have to apologize and thank my family. This multi-piece kit will have me covered. And there is an added benefit. Now, not only will these tools come in handy when working on my motorcycle, when they buy my Koenigsegg Jesko I’ll have everything I need to work on it……..

Guess I’ll ask for a toolbox for my “old” tools. “359 Days Of Christmas……”

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