“Night Of The Snow”


I hear the rain.

Rain falling on the window pain.

Freezing rain. Again. After the snow.

Yes it snowed again.

So soon and yet so plain.

Snowblowers and shovels and shoulders.

And pain. And cold. Freezing cold.

So young into the new year.

Yet so old. And bold. But behold.

Candles and warmth and feelings and yearning.

And touching and senses and desires, burning.

Yesterday smiles and sweet copulation.

The need of flesh solely for fornication.

Leisurely hours of lazily breathing.

Sensuous sounds of the eve deceiving.

With the mind, body and spirit all believing

The snow, the night, the flesh, again leaving.

Sure to return as sure as it goes.

So goes the night, “The Night Of The Snow”.

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