Cassette tapes. Anybody remember these? Man it’s been a few days since my last post. Been a few months actually….Welcome back to “The Real Life Corner”.

Why did I post pictures of cassette tapes? Aaaaaah. If only my mind could talk. The tapes in these pictures contain an audio chronology of my life going back about forty years. FORTY YEARS! I had not touched these tapes in about ten years. TEN YEARS! Man, how much can happen in ten years, forty years? Alot, obviously.

Recently, I walked into a place of business and saw this qoute on an office wall: “The Turns You Take Lead To The Life You Make”. Wow! Your whole entire life in one single sentence. Made me reflect on the life I made.

I am old enough to have listened to music on several mediums: vinyl, reel to reel, eight track, cassette, VHS ADAT (look it up…), CD, Blue Ray, hard drive (MP3), etc. Audio recording has come a long way. As has the sound of music. So many changes.

And so it has been with life. As time moves people evolve. As we should. Listening to the “songs” was a reminder of that for me. Not only did they reveal how much I’ve changed, they showed how much I NEEDED to change from those respective times moving forward. I hope I’m ready for what the future holds.

Now, anybody got a grammaphone?

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