“The Civil War of The he 21st Century”

Anybody remember the Civil War of The 21st Century? I hope that this is not a question that future generations have to ask. Civil War. One of the most ironic and tragic of all oxymorons. A fight between friends essentially. These “friendly fights” oftentimes result in the costliest, bloodiest and deadliest of all. The American Civil War of 1861 bears this out. More American soldiers died in that war than all soldiers from all nations in the Vietnam War.

Fast forward to the present. America, dare I say, we are in the midst of a modern day Civil War. Surprisingly and sadly few people even realize nor care. Those in power, corporate leaders and politicians, have this nations’ citizens exactly where they want us to be, totally dependent on them and in opposition with one another. Through money, power, sex, religion, fear, love, hate and ignorance society has been lead to the mental and emotional state that we currently find ourselves in. We Americans are blessed with numerous opportunities and choices to pursue a good life and I am grateful for that. However, we’ve become so pacified by the opportunities afforded that we sometimes overlook the responsibility to hold each other accountable. You better believe that big business and politicians love this. One way or another they are all on the same team. The powers that be conveniently use this situation to “allow” us to choose sides, blame one another, finger point, question each other, ridicule each other, judge each other, mistrust each other and ultimately fight each other.

Meanwhile we stand by as unnecessary shootings take place, discrimination and racism persist, domestic violence and police brutality go unchecked, prices for goods and services escalate to all-time highs and our children’s schools are left to physically and financially fend for themselves.

We know better America. We can do better too. We all need to be more involved with our local government and politics. Town. City. County. State. Get involved. Go to meetings that affect your community and livelihood. Make your presence be known and voice be heard. Who knows…..Check out the PTA meetings for your childrens’ schools. If we have hours to spend on social media then we certainly have minutes to spend for the betterment of our families, right?

The current Civil War is notable for the fact that the people sacrificing their lives are unknowingly not participants on either “side”. In other words they did not sign up nor were they drafted to fight. They are casualties of the very freedom that we CHOOSE to live by…….

So let’s see. 2022. Opposition. Civil unrest. Blame. People dying. All the while costs are rising and corporate America is benefitting. Go study the Civil War of 1861 and then research the number of deaths by gun in this country each year since the year 2000. Add them up…..IN THE LAST 22 YEARS we have had nearly as many people killed by guns than in the that war. Hopefully for the sake of us all the near future proves us to be……more civil.

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