Man it’s been a busy few weeks. I can’t remember the last time I posted to this page on consecutive days.

A few months ago I was blessed with a new position at my company. This new opportunity required six weeks of training (three in a classroom and three in the “field”). That was challenging enough, but add in an hour commute (WITHOUT TRAFFIC) and six hour daily classes with a good bit of lecturing…….had me recalling Danny Glover’s classic line in the Lethal Weapon movies: “I’m too old for this shit”!

To make things even more interesting the two home improvement projects that were supposed happen six months apart (one three months before the training and the other three months after) converged on the date of the last week of training to create a perfect storm of sorts. Add in a second dose of the Corona Virus as all of this was going on……I could hardly catch my breath.

Now I finally can breath. Exhale! I write for therapy. When I started this page I told myself to make an effort to write every day. However it is difficult to write when you are preoccupied with other things. So I’m gonna get back to basics. I’m going to write about life’s simple pleasures. Starting today.

In my little corner of the world it is Friday July 22,2022. It is near sunset. It is hot! But I like this time of day. Work week over for now. Weekend ahead of me. Ideal time to do exactly what I want to do. Now let me go figure out what that is. But first, take a deep breath. Exhale…….

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