“25 Days Of Christmas 2022”

It’s amazing how fast time goes by as time goes by. A half a century takes on a new meaning when most of your friends have reached that milestone of living years. As the Holiday season approaches each year I am reminded of yet another impending birthday which for me happens just more than a week into January.

But this Holiday Season has been somewhat challenging. Actually the entire Fall season had me moving and living in slow motion for various reasons. Hence the long pause of time since I last added to this blog.

For the past few years I’ve included a 25 day countdown to Christmas wish list of my most desired gifts. It took a minute but I think I am finally in the “Christmas Spirit” this year. As today is December 19, 2022, I will have to back track to December 1st to get all 25 days in. So with that here is the “25 Days Of Christmas” list for 2022.

For the days of December 1st through December 19th the list goes as follows: I am grateful for the gift of life for all of my living family and friends. I am thankful for family and friends for being such a positive influence in my life. Thoughts and prayers to friends and family who’ve lost loved ones and wishing you the best that this Holiday Season has to offer. To be continued…….

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