“Live EVERY Year of Your Life”

As a young teenager I hung with the “older crowd”. Many of my friends (guys and girls) were several years my senior. As a senior in high school I decided to graduate early and skip the graduation ceremony much to the displeasure of my family. My father, undoubtedly sensing a prime opportunity to give a “life lesson”, shared the following perspective.

“Son, don’t be in a hurry to grow up. What are you rushing for? You need to enjoy your life at every stage. Listen, when you are eighteen the days and nights last forever. You measure time by the years. You know everybody’s name and face and everybody knows you. Most of the people you know are still around. When you turn twenty-five you count time by the day. Days and nights actually come to an end. You’ve forgotten some people and some have forgotten you. Some are no longer around. At age thirty-five you count time by the hour. The days and nights seem to disappear before they start. You’ve forgotten many names and faces and the they’ve forgotten you. You realize that dying is as much a part of life as life itself. By age forty-five neither days nor nights last long enough. There is no longer enough time to count so you live by the minute. People that you knew personally have passed on. Listen to me while you have the time. Don’t rush your life. Don’t wish to be older. As we all run towards the next dollar, the next day, the next “thing”, we realize that we ran away from the things that were the most important to us. Enjoy EVERY year of your life son.”

Thanks Dad

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