“Are You Ready……. to Win?”

Winning.  The all-important destination for many aspects of life.  We all want to win in our professional lives, whether ascending to a position of power or reaching a level of financial achievement.  We want to win in sports competitions.  We want to “win” at building relationships.  We all WANT to win, but are we READY to win?  Do we really have what it takes?

For me personally, I have to admit that at certain situations in my life I haven’t always applied a winning formula.  This was made clear to me when a few years ago I had the fortunate experience of hearing a coach share his particular perspective on the subject:

“To WIN you have to be COMPETITIVE”

“To COMPETE you have to be CONFIDENT”



“To WORK you have to be WILLING”

“If you are WILLING then you must be READY”

“Now, who is READY to WIN?”, he asked.  I use this philosophy as often as I can where it is applicable. It has provided invaluable focus and clarity in many of my life challenges.

Thanks coach.


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