Ingredients for Good Relationships

Relationships. How do you define them? What does a good relationship look like? Why do we tolerate bad relationships? I don’t have the answers to any of these questions. However, I do have several years of real life experience. And this experience forms the basis of the OPINIONS that I share on this blog.

Years ago when I was taking classes at the local college, I went to the cafeteria to grab lunch. As I passed through, a group of six women were sitting at a nearby table. I heard faint whispers and comments followed by intentional laughter when I went by. This happened again as I passed the ladies upon leaving the cafeteria. I paused, thought for a second, and decided to approach the table. As I did I saw the awkward stares and uncomfortable smiles greeting me. I said he hello, introduced myself, then asked why they were “making fun” of me. They got a good laugh out of that. When they settled down, one of the women shared that they were talking about men and our inability to sustain relationships. Upon hearing this I invited myself to a seat and joined the conversation. Here is what I was taught and feel fortunate to have learned.

According to the six “professors” relationships have five components. That’s it. Five. They are very simple and we men must learn them if we want to have successful, progressive, meaningful and LASTING relationships. Here they are: spiritual, sexual, financial, physical and emotional. I will discuss each component in my next post. Stay tuned………

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