“Components of a Relationship”

Fear of the “S” Word

Aahh. The dreaded “S” word. Why is it so difficult for people to discuss? Why is it so taboo? And for some folks in relationships the mere mention of the word borders on near blasphemy. You think I’m talking about sex don’t you? Not just yet, but be ready………… No, the “S” word for today is………..spirituality!

Spirituality is one of the five components of a relationship. In my previous post I listed all five (spiritual, sexual, financial, physical and emotional) components which I discussed with six fellow female college students some years ago. I chose to discuss spirituality first because it is the least mentioned part of most relationships. Whether we realize it or not, when two people meet, someone is “ministering” to the other or they are “ministering” to each other. They are sharing their respective “spiritual” feelings, thoughts and emotions through words and body language. Some of us naturally give off good “vibes“. Some don’t. However, good vibes only have true meaning if they are supported by good “deeds“. Which brings me to this point:

Positive feelings reinforced by positive actions between two people brings them closer to a spiritual, God-focused relationship. This is true even if the couple doesn’t attend church or value religion as a part of their lifestyle. Treating each other with respect and dignity, showing compassion and care, being honest and open, helping each other to become better people. Why would anyone settle for less in a relationship? Do not let the religious references mask the importance of simple “goodness” shared between two people. According to the “professors” our relationships will be better for it!

Up next? The other “S” word. This is gonna be good……………………….

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