What Makes You “YOU”

Who am I? What do I like? What do I like to do? Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions? If you are one of the fortunate people that has the answers to these questions and you know exactly where your life should be, good for you. You may be a part of relatively small group among us. Increasingly, I meet folks from my generation who are tasked with finding these answers to help define their lives. This got me to thinking: how would I answer these questions? Here’s what I came up with.

First, I thought about those things that were most important. Next, I considered what gave me the most fulfilling satisfaction. Then I determined how I would start the process of taking action to find the answers. When I got right down to it I realized that I have a few basic wants and needs. One, I love supporting my family. That’s my main priority yes, but I really love to see my family reaching their goals and defining their respective callings. As for myself, I like many things and have many interests. Ultimately though, I am a person with great ambitions and simple needs: love, education, music and motorcycles. Really that’s it. I love learning. I love the soft, sensuality of women. Music is my lifeblood. Motorcycles, fighter jets and more recently hypercars appeal to my alter ego. (140 mph on a CBR600 F3 was a beautiful thing!) There are plenty of other things I enjoy, but those are things I like the most.

Pretty simple. Having these as a part of my life makes me feel complete, makes me whole. Having music and motorcycles makes me “ME”. As we begin the journey into the next decade ask yourself what you need in you life that makes you feel complete. What makes you “YOU”. Have a great 2021!

My first………..

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