“An America for All People”

Labor Day Weekend 2020. It’s been a long nine months already this year.  In a world filled with uncertainty, anxiety and pessimism I wondered what I could do at this time to restore some semblance of balance and optimism for myself and my family. My wife suggested that we visit the MLK Memorial since we had yet to do so. It’s been some time since I last went to D.C. so I let her talk me into it.  Glad I did.

First of all the weather was perfect. Secondly, traffic was light as I suspect many people headed to beaches and resorts for the holiday.  We drove to the New Carrollton Station and caught the Metro in. Literally had the ENTIRE train to ourselves!  And lastly, the MLK Memorial did not disappoint.  The dimensions of the statue are befitting for a man of Dr. King’s stature and the expanse of the entire wall display includes some of his more noteworthy quotes. If you haven’t been already add it to your to-do list.

As we traveled to D.C. I began to think about what it really means to be black in America.  I didn’t want to focus on the challenges (done a lot of that during the last few months), rather I asked myself if I had maximized every opportunity presented to me.  In addition,  I asked myself how often I gave back and helped a fellow Black American maximize his/her opportunities.  In either case, the answer is “not enough”.

So, not to make this political, but the visit to the MLK Memorial awakened some ideas and thoughts that I’ve had for awhile but never made a priority to share.  We, as a people, need to use EVERY resource and opportunity to make OURSELVES better.  We need to use common sense approaches and grass roots initiatives to raise our collective knowledge, education, health, finances, businesses, communities and families. No matter who is in the White House (get out Donald Chump!) we need to do what is best for OUR houses!

Final point.  America is for all of us!  Black America don’t be discouraged.  This is yours! THE CITY YOU LIVE IN IS YOURS.  THE COUNTY YOU LIVE IN IS YOURS. THE STATE YOU LIVE IN IS YOURS. WASHINGTON D.C. BELONGS TO ALL OF US. POLITICIANS GET TO LIVE THERE AS WE VOTE THEM IN, BUT THE CITIZENS OWN IT. So let’s act like it. Turn off the news and go do something. Let’s appreciate all that America has to offer. Dr. King fought for the right for us to do so.

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