“Celebrate Your Labor Day”

Hope everyone enjoyed a great Labor Day weekend. This holiday was always bittersweet for me because it is considered the “end of the summer”. As a parent it signaled the start of the hustle and bustle of sending kids back to school. Buying all of the supplies. Preparing the new weekly schedule. Helping with projects and homework. Attending games and activities.

As a youngster I recall the disappointment of returning to school the day after Labor Day. I dreaded the thought of the summer ending. Long lazy days at the pool or the basketball courts. Walking or biking to nearby communities to flirt with the girls. Staying out late at night with no worry of waking up early the next morning. Unlimited leisure time with friends. All coming to an abrupt halt on Labor Day.

Back then I couldn’t see far enough ahead to know why Labor Day was so important. Celebrating the efforts, sacrifices and contributions workers made to the U.S. and its economy. How fitting. How appropriate that, in the current state of the country, that we celebrate the workers and not take for granted the role they play in making this country an economic force. Take a minute to appreciate your own contributions to America’s workforce. I’m quite sure you deserve it.

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