“An Unlikely Centennial Milestone”

Man, I reached a milestone that never in a hundred years I would’ve thought possible.  For those who really know me, you know why I say this.  Don’t laugh!

You see, I have never been a “phone” person. I have owned only three cell phones in my life.  Don’t walk around with my phone attached to my body.  Up until recently I wasn’t into social media like that.  I think I joined Facebook in 2013.  From 2013 until 2020 I had about 60 Facebook friends. I was good because I usually have a handful of close friends in reality.

2020 brought a change for me. I had some friend requests that I did not confirm and those friends let me know about it too.  All in good fun, but they made it known that I should reach out, contact people and stay in touch.  Ok, I agreed.  So, I sent out quite a few friend requests of my own.  Most responded, some didn’t.  And you know what, that’s cool.  Not everyone wants or needs to be “friends”.  I truly get it.  Been there. 

Well, after my friends accepted my requests, I now have 101 Facebook friends.  101!  Who knew?  Never thought that many people would be that interested in my life at this point. You know what though, I’m glad.  I like keeping in touch with everybody.  Love the positive energy created by communicating.  Love the “good news” coming from the respective families. Love the sense of community.

So I wanna give a sincere thanks to my FB family.  Thanks for sharing your stories, your time, you interests, your inspiration. And thanks for letting me share mine.  Now, I wonder if I have 100 more friends out there……

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