“Good bye, Summer 2020”

The summer is coming to a close. Although I enjoy every season for what each offers (the snow makes me think twice about Winter these days), Spring and Fall are my favorites. Spring for the renewal of life and Fall for football! But, its something about the Summer ending that leaves a yearning in my heart for those long days and warm nights.

I took the picture above just after sunset on Labor Day. On a night like this I like to take a ride in my car, open the sunroof and play my favorite songs “semi” loud. Reminisce about the good times had during the last 90 days.

It was a little different this year. Corona Virus limited how much time I could spend with friends and family. Made a lot of places off limits as well. And while I look forward to the coming Holiday Season and football, I will appreciate the Summers even more from this point on. I, for one, am not wishing for 2020 to be over. I am savoring every one of fhese days, good or not so good because I feel blessed to have ANY day. However, when 2021 is here, I will be ready (God willing). For now, good bye Summer 2020. See you next year on Memorial Day 2021.

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