“The One Time I Hope A Politician Was Lying”

We all want our elected officials to be as honest as possible, right?  I mean, I thought that was the case until 2016…….truth are lies and lies are truth! Who knew?  Anyway, to my point.  Recently while watching a local news station, it was reported that Maryland Governor Larry Hogan cast a write-in vote for President in the upcoming election.  Nothing wrong with that.  His choice.  However, it was reported that he cast his vote for former President Ronald Reagan, who happens to be deceased.  That’s right.  A vote for a deceased person.  My initial thought was disbelief.  Afterwards I thought for a moment.  A sitting Governor, a person whose very purpose relies on votes, would not, could not, waste his singular vote so carelessly, could he?  In the current political climate with the election and voting in America deemed so critical to it’s citizens, why would an elected official be so cavalier with HIS vote? Hard to fathom….Then it hit me!  Politicians are known to lie sometimes, especially when it benefits them personally.  So I think that Governor Hogan may have voted for Biden and is reluctant to reveal this so as not to offend the GOP.  I hope this is true. I hear that he has Presidential aspirations himself.  Whether he voted for Biden or Trump is not the question.  The answer is that hopefully he did not waste his vote while telling Marylanders and all Americans that voting matters.  I hope you lied to us Governor Hogan.  Our democracy depends on it.

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