“An Interesting Observation”

As we all know the election is just weeks away.  The Presidential and Vice Presidential debates are in full swing.  The political pundits and “experts” are all over the networks enlightening us with their abundance of knowledge. As I consider the implications of the election outcome, I think back to 2016.  I recall the big debate about whether a woman would be fit to be President.  I remember that many people were apprehensive about voting for a woman.  Even many women!  People of all races, genders, ages, ethnicities, religions, political affiliations, economic backgrounds and professions questioned having a woman sit in the most powerful office in the world.  And why?

They had many reasons.  Women are too emotional.  Women are too impulsive.  Women are indecisive.  Women are too soft.  Women are vindictive.  Women are jealous.  Women are temperamental.  Women are rash.  Women can’t make tough decisions.  Women are easily influenced by men.  Women are weak.  Women are petty.  Women can’t focus. Women are disinterested.  Interesting…..

Do you see what I see?  Every criticism of a woman as an excuse for her not being a capable President are characteristics of the current President, who is a man.  Lie to me and tell me that (Ronald Mc)Donald Chump is not too emotional, too impulsive, too indecisive, too vindictive, too soft, too jealous, too temperamental, too petty, too easily influenced, too weak and too disinterested.  I know, right?  Donald Chump is everything you don’t want from a woman leader, but yet he is accepted because he is a man.  Interesting……in the community where I come from if a person behaved like Trump we’d say, “Stop acting like a little b-word!”

I am not a political pundit, but I have an opinion. During an interview several years ago, Donald Trump bragged about “grabbing women in the _ _ _ _ _ “. Maybe, just maybe, Trump behaves the way he does because he wishes he had a _ _ _ _ _ so Putin could grab him in his. Just sayin………Trump Enablers Beware!

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