“October 31, 2020”

It’s Saturday.  October 31st.  2020. Can you believe that there are only two months left in this year?  2021 cannot get here soon enough for some, but I’d rather not wish my time away.  I wanna make the most of each day as it comes.

Which brings me to this day.  Today happens to be Halloween.  While this day and it’s related meaning and “celebrations” conjure up mixed feelings for some, it is agreed that Halloween ushers in the commercial element  of the “Holiday Season”.  Thanksgiving about a month away, Christmas less than two.  People starting to shop earlier than ever. 

As a child I wasn’t much into traditional Halloween activities such as Trick or Treating and wearing costumes.  As an adult I have never attended a Halloween party.  Now as far as eating candy, I don’t limit that to Halloween. I eat candy just about ANY day!  So I really never celebrated this day.  However, up until recently, I did have a Halloween tradition. 

Horror movies.  Scary movies.  Yep, from my late teens up until about five years ago, I’d spend the days leading to Halloween watching my favorite scary movies.  I have some friends who did the same.  We reminisce about how some movies literally terrified us and how some simply made us laugh.  While there have been some recent movies that are alright, the classic movies remain my favorites.  Check out “Burnt Offerings” if you have the heart…..ha  ha  ha ha haaaaa ha ha haaaa!

Recently I have not watched horror movies as much.  I hate to admit it, but dare I say that I no longer have the heart for them.  I could watch a scary movie alone in the dark without a thought.  Got to sleep, chill in my basement, walk through the house with no lights.  Didn’t bother me.  Now, let’s just say the movies stick with me longer.  I can’t watch just before bed.  Can’t watch if I wanna hang in my basement.  Maybe it’s old age, not fear…….lol! Even so, it’s nothing like a chilly October night, leaves rustling in the wind, tree branches crackling, odd noises settling throughout the house.  A mysterious thump, bump in the night.  You’re the only one awake.  You and total darkness with just your imagination to comfort you.  Yeah, its Halloween.  And this is your movie…………

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