“Open Letter To My Elected Officials”

To: U.S. President Elect

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan 

AA County Executive Stewart Pittman

US Senator Ben Cardin

US Senator Chris Van Holland Jr.

US Representative Anthony Brown

State Senator Pamela G. Beidle

State Delegate J. Sandy Bartlett

State Delegate Mark S. Chang

State Delegate Michael J. Rogers

State District Rep. Andy Harris

AA County Council Member Allison Pickard

Hello and greetings to my elected officials.  I am a proud American citizen, a native Marylander and a product of Anne Arundel county.  I write this letter on November 5th 2020, on the verge of electing our 46th President.  As you may agree, this election was preceded by four years of the most contentious, acrimonious, deceitful, dishonest and selfish displays of Presidential leadership in recent memory.  This is not debatable.  Never in my life did I imagine that I would have to defend the greatness of America in spite of those elected to govern it.  Having to look my children in the eye and try to rationalize irrationality, to explain why some fellow Americans accepted lies over truth, bad over good, wrong over right, has been one of the most disappointing and disturbing aspects of current politics in the last few years.

   As a result, I’m quite sure you are well aware, there has been a lifetime’s worth of finger pointing, accusations, blame, name calling and fault-finding from those with opposing views.  As I have experienced in my daily life, watched on television and “read” on social media, there are far too many people saying what “someone else” should be doing, but not saying what “they themselves” could do (Ask not…..).  I can attest, this can become contagious…..

    Which brings me to the purpose of this letter.  I start each day with this personal doctrine:  be positive, know your purpose and measure your productivity.  I remind my family of this daily.  As I found myself feeling more and more disheartened and disconnected from the true promise of this country I asked myself what should I do?  What could I do? As a result I made a list of things that I would do to make my small part of the world better, starting with continuing my education.  But I can do more. 

   So I ask all of you, what can one person do to help America become the America it promises to be?  As a citizen of Anne Arundel county, a native Marylander and a proud American how can I contribute positively to the advancement of my county, my state and my country?  I feel that managing one’s own house is equally important to what happens in the White House (or State Capitol or County Executive’s Office for that matter). If I can be a part of making things better, I’d rather not remain idle hoping it doesn’t get any worse.  I’d like to hear from all of you regardless of political affiliation, race, gender or religion.  Thank you for your service and time.  

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