“3,650 Days”

3,650 days.  You know, I celebrated a wedding anniversary recently.   That, along with the Thanksgiving weekend obscured another anniversary that I almost forgot about.

One year ago, November 25, 2019 I left the company that I had worked at for almost exactly 3,650 days.  I started there November 29, 2009.  I am grateful for the opportunity. At the time I started I needed a position with a traditional (9-5 Monday thru Friday) schedule.  Got more than expected.  I actually was allowed flex time, starting my mornings anytime between 7:30 and 8:30.  Great. Had to work a few Saturdays though…..

October 2019 was a pivotal month in my life.  It was my time.  I had gotten all I would get from from that particular position. I had to face the fact that I had become comfortable with a job that had nothing more to offer.  Conversely, I had given all I had.  Initially I felt like the company didn’t appreciate my efforts, commitment and accomplishments. As I assessed my situation I came to realize that I needed a new challenge and it was not my employers responsibility to provide it. So I resigned.

3,650 days is ten years. Do you know where you were 3,650 days ago? What have you been doing for 3,650 days? Ten years is a good bit of time in a person’s life. Plenty of time for life lessons. Number one lesson for me: make sure to get a complete return on my time investment for the next ten years. Whether its a career, a relationship or a financial commitment, be sure your efforts are reciprocated.

Ok. Five days in. 3,645 days worth of lessons coming up. God willing…..

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