“3,650 Days, Part 2”

Many, many years ago, way back when I didn’t have to think so hard to remember, I decided that I’d keep a journal.  I wanted a recorded history of my daily life so I could assess the choices I was making.  Long after I should have, I started making a daily and weekly schedule to better utilize my time.  These two things combined, I hoped, would guide me to more efficient use of the all too important time/money continuum.

I enjoyed keeping a journal.  Every evening I would recall the events of the day and script them in a sort of stream of consciousness writing style.  I would then adjust the next day’s schedule to include tasks not completed during the current day.   It was fulfilling its purpose. I seemingly had more time to get things done and felt less stressed about time in general.  Money was a non issue because I budgeted proactively. It was around this time that I coined the phrase, “JUST BECAUSE I CAN PAY FOR SOMETHING DOESN’T MEAN THAT I CAN AFFORD IT”.  You know,  I wish I could convince my…………..never mind.

I managed to maintain my journal for about four years, my schedule for about five or so.  It wasn’t until recently that I was reminded as to why I stopped writing.  Yea my life got busier and I became a little bored so I just stopped making time for it.  However, the reality is that my journal revealed that my life was too static, not enough variety.  I noticed patterns in my choices that repeated far too frequently. So I decided to do something about it

I made a conscious effort to make different choices. I forced myself out of my comfort zone(s). Won’t bore you with the minutae and details because there are far too many. Changed careers, changed eating habits, changed life approach. Funny thing though. Thinking of the last 3,650 days has brought me to the realization that it is time for yet another personal renaissance. I like that word. This blog is a creation of that realization. My educational aspirations are as well.

So thanks for your interest and support. I will continue to share my thoughts and opinions of my evolution as long as you continue to find some value in them. Who knows. Maybe we’ll still be talking in about say, 3,650 days……….

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