10pm and it is already past my bedtime. I go to work at 7am.  I usually wake up at 5:40.  Thankfully I have a short commute of around 20 minutes.  Even still, I shouldn’t have to go to bed so early to get up on time. 

Man I recall a time when I could go to bed at ANYTIME and make it to work with minutes to spare.  One time, I left Atlanta, Georgia (driving) at 6pm on a Sunday night, made it home to Maryland and then to work before 7am Monday morning to fall asleep at my desk.  I also recall, way back in my twenties, going to bed after 2am every night (or morning!) for three straight weeks and making it to work on time everyday thereafter.  Slept from Thursday evening until Sunday morning the following week!

Those were the days. I routinely went to bed around 11pm or midnight.  Up by 7 at my desk by 8 MOST every day. Now however, I have to be in bed by 10, which means preparing for bed by 9. Truthfully, I’m just waking up at 6pm. I had always been an evening/night person. Not anymore. 11pm is late according to my current biological clock. Even on Friday nights I have to force myself to stay awake past midnight. I still enjoy staying up late, though I pay a higher price physiologically.

But now…..for me and my recently recalibrated biological clock, 10pm is my bedtime. And tonight I’ve gone past it. Hopefully I wake up on time tomorrow…….Goodnight.

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