“24 Days of Christmas”

Ok, one gift down, twenty four to go. Thanks to all who contributed to my first gift. Hope you saved a little. Remember I’m asking for 25 total presents. 

Which brings us to today’s gift.  The first was relatively inexpensive, right?  Well, you’re really gonna have to dig deep for this one.  Some of you may not be willing or able to give this time around.  So what do I want? Simple.  For gift number 24, all that I ask is that we have the courage, the character, the manners and the “spirit” to speak to one another during this “Christmas” season. That’s all.  That’s it.  “Hello”. Or “Hey what’s up?” Or “How you doin’ today?  Easy enough right?  You would think.  Mind if I share a couple or three stories?

These incidents stuck with me because they showed me just how easy we can become insulated (yes I meant INSULATED people) from our own humanity and take ourselves for granted.  Because of the language involved I decided to discuss this now so as to not offend anybody as we get closer to Christmas. Please accept my apology now.

A few years ago I was taking a class at the local community college. It was around the Holiday Season and the semester was about to end.  I walked down a hall towards a small group of students who were approaching me. There were two men a little younger than myself among them.  As they got closer one glanced in my direction.  I nodded once and said, “What’s up fellas?” As they walked by without speaking I heard one ask the other, “Yo, you know ‘dat mawfucka man?” The other replied, “Naw man you?” “Uh uh”.  I couldn’t help but to laugh as I heard them go on and on about NOT speaking because they didn’t know me. A simple, courteous “What’s up man” would have saved them a lot of energy.  ‘Twas the Season……….”

A few years ago during the Holidays again I was out shopping.   While standing in an isle, empty handed and minus a shopping cart, a woman in a hurry turned the corner and hit me.  Seeing the shock and what I perceived as embarrassment on her face, I said simply, “Hello miss. YOU ok?”  Without responding or speaking she took a breath, made the eye roll of death and gave a long sigh like “huuuuh”.  Now, I had never spoken or written the word “BeJesus” in my life, but this…….. woman……..boy I wanted to slap the “BeJesus” out of her ass for real!  That’s not me.  Besides, it was Christmas Season right…….?

Last one. Again during the Holidays. Leaving a store I walked towards my car in the parking lot. About 50 feet away in the same path a woman headed towards me, staring the whole time. When she got about 10 feet away she crossed the road, still staring, to go around me. Never spoke. Now let me tell you, it was early in the morning and we both were dressed in our “hope nobody we know sees us” attire and therefore were mutually “unattractive”. But manners don’t cost you nothing. So me being me, I spoke anyway. She managed a reluctant smile and said hello. I then asked,”Hey, why you cross the street when you saw me? A “sister” can’t say hello to a “brother” during the Holidays? We had a good laugh and talked about black family traditions for Christmas. No names, no games, just people showing courtesy during the Holiday Season. ‘Twas the Season.

So, ‘Tis the Season. Be bold and courageous. Share some courtesy and manners as a gift to yourself this year. Return the favor if extended to you first. And to those who don’t wanna speak, I guess I don’t know y’all mawfuckas either. Sorry I couldn’t resist. Lol.

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