“21 Days of Christmas”

Ok, gonna get right to it today, day 21 as we countdown to Christmas. The gift I want is either the Northrop/McDonnell YF23 “Gray Ghost ” or “Black Widow”. I’ll take both if you’re asking. While it may seem outlandish and unrealistic to want this initially, you’ll realize that it’s not as crazy as it sounds.

The most advanced plane used by the U.S. Airforce is (those in the know may not agree) the Lockheed F22 Raptor. This may be a little TMI but stay with me for a second. When our military needs new planes they put out bids to contractors who build them. The top two or three bids are selected and then the government helps to finance the development with tax payer dollars. Keep this in mind. Way back in the 1980s the Air Force needed a more capable jet fighter. Two companies, Lockheed and Northrop were awarded contracts. Lockheed built the F22 and Northrop built the YF23. The Lockheed F22 won the competition and the Air Force chose it over the Northrop YF23. So whatever happened to the Northrop YF23? EXACTLY!

These planes were developed in the 1990s with TAX PAYER DOLLARS. THEY BELONG TO US. In essence, I……I mean we, already own them. I think an F23 costs about $400,000,000.00 to build. Think thats a lot? How much have you paid in federal taxes since 1990? Now multiply that by a few hundred million people. We’ve paid for these jets many times over. Facts! Even in the movies you see the commanding officer tell new pilots, “Son this jet belongs to the American tax payers so don’t be reckless out there.” It’s true.

So I want my jets and I want them now. They don’t belong in some far off museum or secret military installation. I……I mean we, should be able to see them whenever we want. We did pay for ’em. Do we pay rent or mortgage and give someone else the key? Do we pay for cars and let other people take them home? I think not! I’m not trying to fly the planes. Just want them available to the public. There are plenty military bases within driving distance of me. I want the Northrop YF23 at one of them. ‘Tis the Season.

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