“20 Days of Christmas”

Oh yeah!  The Markbass Marcus Miller 500 and 102 Bass Cab. Day 20 of my Christmas gift countdown.  Now this gift is one that I would have already had the Corona Virus not interrupted my first ever permanent weekly bass spot.

Man I’ve played music off and on for the last 35 years. Started of as a hobby, progressed to paying gigs with professional aspirations. All born from a passion so strong that music really has been my true mistress. While it seemingly has taken so much, it has given me much more. If it weren’t for music, playing music, studying artists and instruments, I don’t know where I’d be.

That being said, I promised myself that moving forward would not spend a dime on anything pertaining to music if I did not earn said dime from musical endeavors, be it playing, writing or producing. So I planned to save the money from weekly gig at church and use it to upgrade from my practice rig to this set up. Not so fast, huh?

So family a friends, please add this to the list of presents I expect to see under the tree. ‘Tis the Season…….

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