“18 Days of Christmas”

Alright I’ll admit it. Today’s gift request is a little selfish, biased and throws some shade at people who may not deserve it. On day 18 of our Christmas countdown I want the Pittsburgh Steelers to lose to the Washington Non-Footall Team. Can anybody help with this? 

I hate, no, I dislike Pittsburgh.  (Hate is too harsh a word for the Holidays).  Always have. This hate, I mean DISLIKE, goes way back and runs deep. See I’m a Dallas fan, which means I dislike Washington too. But I dislike the Steelers much more. 

I’ve been watching football since 1975.  Yep, 1975. Back then I loved the Minnesota Vikings.  Cool helmets, cool name, but most importantly, cool ass running back named Chuck Foreman.  Talk about spin moves!  Chuck was great. For me though, what made him stand out was his sideline demeanor. He would have his helmet half-way on and pimp around the field like he was the baddest dude around.  Left a huge impression on an adolescent wanna-be running back like me for sure. Pittsburgh beat them in the Super Bowl…..

One day the Vikings had a game against this team called the  Cowboys. They had shiny helmets with big stars on ’em and players with cool names. “Too Tall” Jones. Robert Newhouse.  “Golden” Richards. “Hollywood” Henderson.  Drew and Preston Pearson. I was hooked. Had a new team.

So that year it just so happened that Dallas went to the Super Bowl. Their opponent? The Steelers. Who won? The Steelers. Dallas drafted Tony Dorsett and won the Super Bowl a couple of years later. Then Dallas played another Super Bowl against Pittsburgh. Who won? The damned Steelers again. You know I really do hate Pittsburgh.

As I said it runs deep. They beat my two favorite teams in the Super Bowl. They have ugly uniforms. They wave those dirty yellow towels. So Washington, please gift me with a win against Pittsburgh. I promise to hate you a little less. ‘Tis the Season…..

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